In honor of those NATIONWIDE who took an oath and remain committed to protecting the people from ALL enemies. Our priorities have been revised as we're fighting an invisible threat that's worse than what we could have imagined. Keep safe out there and remember your health comes first. 


Important: This shirt is being made to express our feelings on how vital we are as responders and how we must adapt to overcome this together. It includes a message for others to stay inside. This shirt is being made to mark the times how our roles of enforcement are now mixed with medical care and compassion... So others may live. Keep safe and healthy.

Design history:  The Plague doctor was a medical physician during the 15th century Black Plague. They were sometimes inexperienced and some had no medical experience at all but were essential to help heal and document spread. Their beak shaped mask held aromatic herbs. "Dottore Delle Strade" translates in Italian to "Doctor of the streets" a tribute to evolving roles as enforcers INTERLACED with health care. 


A message for non-essentials to stay inside

HOOD SPECS: Extremely soft Cotton. Between medium and heavyweight and true to size. Relaxed fit.