Faithful Unto Death - (Mid-Weight) ZIP HOOD


Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of violent social deviants. You don't just stand between ORDER and CHAOS, you hunt chaos and destroy it before it can leave its impact on your city and if our City never sleeps than neither do we. FIDELIS AD MORTEM, which is the NYPD motto translates to FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH.

- DESIGN DETAILS: The design was done 100% in house. Meaning it was made by someone who loved hunting for the thankless. The Statue of Liberty is half skeleton to show the 'wear and tear' (lack of sleep, adrenaline dumps, time sacrificed, injuries endured) that goes into doing enforcement in such a complex city.

- FIT DETAILS: Mid-Weight-  True to size. 

FLAG PRINT:  (ASSALTING FORWARD) Subdued U.S. Flag print on right shoulder. 

- YOUR LOCATION: We take each purchase around the nation as an AMAZING show of support and solidarity and sincerely thank you for yours.